Asian American children, particularly those growing up in first generation immigrant families, face some unique challenges:

  • Acceptance by peers, or “perpetual foreigner” misperception
  • Identity struggles and psychological well-being
  • Family tension due to cultural differences with parents

Our mission is to promote the welfare of Asian American children and help create a supportive social and family environment in which they feel empowered to pursue whatever aspirations they may have by doing the following:

  • Supporting research into the unique social challenges facing Asian American children to raise societal awareness;
  • Sponsoring lectures and speeches given by renowned Asian American personalities to share their life experience and struggles. We hope they will become role models who inspire our children to overcome the adversities they face; and
  • Organizing community outreach programs to change the misperception about and promote social integration of Asian Americans, and to strengthen family relations through facilitating dialogue between parents and children.

In near term, this is the operational plan for the Foundation:

  1. Establish a Leadership Training program for Asian students who are entering the high school. The purpose of this program is to help them better prepare for the high school, learn how to cope with bias prejudice and peer pressure, build their confidence, and become leaders that can have positive impacts on other students;
  2. Establish a Fellowship program at the University of Maryland, to support research on the unique social challenges that Asian students face in America. The purpose of this research is to increase the society’s awareness of the bases that Asian kids faces growing up in America, and promote the care and mutual support among the Asian American community;
  3. Establish a community outreach program to Asian parents. Through forums, dialogues, and discussions, the program aims to promote mutual understanding between parents and children, and help create a loving and supportive family environment for our children to grow up in.

By no means, this Foundation is our personal endeavor. It should be the common cause of our community. Calvin has left us, and nothing we do can bring him back. But in our communities, there are many Calvins. They thirst for our understanding, and desperately need our support. For their future, let’s come together and get to work. No more apathy, no more inaction, for the sake of our children.