Our Mission:

Promote the welfare of Asian American children and

Help create a supportive social and family environment that

Empowers our children to define their own identities and pursue their own dreams

Asian American children, particularly those growing up in first generation immigrant families, face some unique challenges:

  • Acceptance by peers, “perpetual foreigner”, Asian stereotypes
  • Identity struggles and pressure to perform to high expectations
  • Cultural differences with immigrant parents leading to emotional isolation

Operating Plan:

  • Supporting research into the unique social challenges facing Asian American children;
  • Sponsoring lectures and speeches given by renowned Asian American personalities to share their life experience and struggles. We hope they will become role models to inspire our children to overcome the adversities they face;
  • Through seminars and educational workshops to raise awareness of the need for emotional support of Asian American children from their families and the society
  • Organizing community outreach programs to challenge stereotypes against Asians, promote social integration of Asian Americans, and strengthen family relations through dialogue between parents and children.